Studio DiTre is a reality organized and structured in such a way as to make it possible to overcome all the problems that a practice of compensation for personal damage, conducted both in out-of-court and judicial proceedings, can present, submitting to a team of specialists in the various branches of medicine, the various cases for their preventive screening, to establish whether the error has occurred and what damage it has produced.

Our intervention aimed at obtaining the right refreshment is provided in favor of those who have suffered damage of any seriousness as a result of:

• incorrect execution of surgery;
• incorrect diagnosis;
• incorrect treatment prescription.

Studio DiTre advises against the intricate, and most of the time useless, "criminal" road to all those clients who want a conviction from doctors, but focuses its attention on all those activities necessary to identify and prove the error in an irrefutable way.

OUR CONTACTS: Telephone: 02/39448423, E-mail: ditre@infortunisticablu.com


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