Medical Malpractice Assistance

Medical Malpractice Assistance was born from an idea of ​​Studio DiTre.

The application is completely free and looks like a telephone assistance service dedicated exclusively to medical malpractice cases.


Medical malpractice assistance also includes the following services:

• Infographics for the correct reading and knowledge of informed consent (What it is, why it is important, etc ...).
• Geolocation device (where are you?).
• Navigator with useful destinations already prepared for every need.
• Photographic equipment to document suspected medical malpractice activities.
• Emergency numbers (118,113,112,115).
• Section dedicated to reporting alleged medical malpractice cases.

Have you been the victim of a medical error? Have you suffered damage due to medical malpractice?
Tell us! We can help you get the right compensation.

Studio DiTre, former advocate of Assistance Claims, an app dedicated to road accidents, studies and specializes in medical malpractice and recovery of physical and material damage.The project is to disseminate a useful tool that allows all people to know and deal with problems that a personal injury compensation file may present and provide the tools necessary to investigate your case of alleged medical malpractice or medical error.

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